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Our Services

Sunday Services

Sunday Morning: 11:30am

Sunday Evening: 6:30pm

Our Bible readings are taken from the NIV translation, and Bibles are provided.

A typical service includes a mix of unaccompanied Psalm singing; hymns and contemporary choruses sung to piano; the Bible reading sermon, and intercessory prayers. The children stay for part of the service  where they enjoy an interactive children's talk before participating with Kirk4KidsSunday School activities in their classroom.  There is also a Creche available if prefered.

Click here to view our sermons on Youtube.

Bible Study & PrayerMeetings

Bible Study & Prayer Meetings:

Thursday evening: 7:30pm

(at the church)

Elders Prayer Meeting:

Sundays - 11:15am; 6:15pm

Kirk Session and Deacon's Court: TBC


Sunday School

& Crèche:


(* Teens Bible Class at 10:45am)

  We run two classes to cater for the learning styles and ages of all the children who attend.  During the morning church service at 11:30, children participate with the whole congregation to sing and read the Bible passage.  They will then attend their classroom to do activities relating to the Bible passage read that morning.  They can expect glue, paint, puzzles and joy as they help each other learn about the Christian faith.  At the end of the school year all children are given gifts at the Prize Giving presentation.

A Sunday morning crèche for parents/guardians who have babies and toddlers, is available every Sunday morning throughout the year.  

See our Kirk4Kids page for more information on upcoming events and photos.

*Bible Class for tweens-teens, with brunch, at 10:45am

(Adult helpers have completed Disclosure Scotland checks)

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support at Dunblane Free Church aims to provide a practical expression of the love of God as we serve one another and our community more fully.  Anyone can access pastoral support at Dunblane Free Church.

The Bible and prayer are the basis of whatever help is provided.

Need a lift?

If you would like to come along to any of our services but need a lift, please get in touch with us via email or telephone call at least one day before.

What our visitors are saying

Good to be fellowshipping with you again.  A very warm and welcoming church!

George MacDonald, Glasgow

Please email us for more information:

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